Usage ( in English )


MikuMikuDance(MMD) is a character animation 3D software for casual users in Japan.
It's free of charge, free of reverse engineering.

MMD tutorial with English subs 1

MMD tutorial with English subs 2

MMDBridge is a plugin of MMD by reverse engineering.
MMDBridge can export MMD's geometries every frame to other renderers.

Usage of Alembic version (Maya, Houdini, Cinema4D, GuerillaRender)

0. Get MikuMikuDance(DirectX9 ver.) from here.

1. Get MMDBridge Alembic from here.

2. Unzip MikuMikuDance and

3. copy all files and folders from MikuMikuDance/ to MMDBridge/

4. Execute MikuMikuDance.exe

5. "MMDBridge" appeared in the menu. Install successed.

6. Open your model or scene.
(MMD has a sample scene. File → open → sample.pmm)

7. Open "MMDBridge" → "プラグイン設定" (1st menu)

8. Chose "mmdbridge_alembic_for_***.py" on the 1st combobox,

9. Chose "実行する" on the 2nd combobox. (*)

10. Set start frame and end frame on 3rd boxies.

11. OK.

12. Export avi movie from MikuMikuDance.
( File → render to AVI file)

13. Alembic data exported to "out" directory by MMDBridge.

14. Go to next step..


* "MMDBridge" → "プラグイン設定" (1st menu) → 2nd combobox means :

1st. - Yes execute script

2nd - No execute script